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Molecular formula: C18H18O5
Structural formula:
Alias: 8611 plasticizer
Brief: Diethylene glycol dibenzoate can replace DOP, DBP as the major plasticizer, it is better than DOP and DBP in several key parameters, including high efficiency, low toxicity and good miscibility with the polymer, low volatility, low leachability,large filling volume, and good brightness.
Uses: Compared with DOP and DBP, Diethylene glycol dibenzoate can offer better compatibility with PVC resin, and its Flash point is higher than that of DOP. Therefore, it is widely used as plasticizer of PVC plastic film, artificial leather in rolling technique, plastic sandals, bubble slippers, PVC cable, Dichotomanthes soles, materials of foam PVC shoes, rubber shoes materials, seal tape of windows, doors, car and ship, PVC Profile, soft board, a variety of soft, rigid pipe, PVC heat shrinkable film, PVC Twist conjunctiva, PVC plate, decorative material, foam board, and so on.
Properties Index :

light yellow transparent oily liquid
Range of Specific gravity D
Acid value (KOHmg/g)
≤ 0.3
Loss on heat (125℃3小时) %
≤ 0.5
Flash point /20℃
≥ 203
Saponification number
low toxic product for its toxicity is lower than DOP, DBP

1, it can be used as substitute of DOP, DBP, DHP.
2, it can lower stir time
3, it can improve fluidity
4, it can lower fluxing temperature
5, it can work with other plasticizer
6, replace in the same dose
7, work in the same condition